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INOVIN Water Technologies is an EPCM providing “end to end” solutions for all your wastewater treatment needs. We are the Australasian Master Distributor for Boydel Wastewater Technologies, who have developed a globally patented, high flow, stable, uniquely capable, electro chemical, modular, “Roll up and Run™” with a 15 minute retention time. The treatment process utilizes both Electro Coagulation and Electro Advanced Oxidation in the same reactor eliminating the need to purchase, store or add costly chemicals.

Globally patented in over 40 countries, a 1000m3 Electrochemical Reactor with the ability to treat unlimited volumes, optimum feedstock flow scales are likely anywhere below 50,000/m3 per day.   The core technology is Electrocoagulation (EC) coupled with an insitu titanium nano coated Electro Advanced Oxidation (EAO) zone allowing the development of H2O2 and the Fenton’s oh* reaction – an EC-EAO process never produced before.

The WaterMiner® & family of platforms are able to readily handle sewage, septage, mixed sewage and industrial wastewaters, many straight industrial flows with large and small contaminant removals on constituents such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons, pesticides, pharmaceuticals including > 95% phosphorus reductions and > 99% fecal pathogen reductions.

Markets are raw sewage, raw mixed septage (FOG – Portable toilet waste), WWTP primary and secondary clarifier sludge’s (without digestion), concentrates, filtrates, reject waters, leachates and with many more industrial and commercial flows being compatible. Currently, there are four WaterMiner® family reactor platform sizes, processing 100, 300, 750 and 1000m3 volumes which are placed alone or in parallel to accommodate any flow rate you may need to handle.

Treatment capabilities are from primary through tertiary based on the final treatment train design.  The Boydel platforms will often add the necessary pretreatment to make existing equipment perform to original design. Inovin Wastewater Technologies looks to disrupt conventional bio-chemical and barrier based treatment systems, offer stable cost effective pre-treat for bio-media type systems and fully disrupt the conventional large CO2 and methane production digester based sludge processing markets in both municipal and industrial markets.

Our Services

From effluent testing, design, construction, commissioning to ongoing waste water treatment plant operation and maintenance. Inovin deliver custom designed solutions to meet and/or exceed client requirements.

  • Inovin are industry leaders in Water Technology. Utilizing the Boydel Waterminer System providing 15 Minute Retention Times, Electrochemical Water Scrubbing Technology for Sewage, Septage, Commercial & Industrial

We are pleased to introduce Boydel’s uniquely capable CFECT™ ( Continuous Flow Electro Chemical Treatment) wastewater treatment process. The WaterMiner™, SludgeMiner™ and PetroMiner™ family of wastewater platforms were developed by Boydel in 2009 – Each platform brand noted above is specifically designed to accomodate the unique feedstock realities of specific markets: however, the CFECT™ reactor itself remains essentially the same with only the support components in the platform customised to the feedstock. Meaning the platforms can be moved between markets as client needs change.

The CFECT™ reactor is a fully automated electrochemical, plate free, hybrid elecTro~coagulation – ELECTRO ADVANCED oxidation (ec-eAo) technology; the unique insitu electrolysis zone develops a very robust four mechanism disinfection capability as well as reducing COD and measurable levels of metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and hydrocarbons from municipal or commercial flows. Problematic heavy TSS flow wastewater’s using our stable non-biological technology result in an extremely minimal CO2 producing treatment, and are core capabilities. Use Boydel’s platforms as a stabilising pre-treatment technique; adding “compliance and capacity enhancement” and years to your current process.

The waterMiner™ is a single w-200sT platform is capable of treating raw screened sewage at 1,00,000 LPD flows (~2000 people), in a 35kw /15 minute process, to better than 45 mg/l bod and 15 mg/l TSS complete with 100% disinfection and with our polish equipment tertiary treatment is readily available.
Helpfully too, our non-biological system uniquely produces only about 20% of the sludge as compared to conventional bio-chemical techniques. You will reduce your environmental footprint and add to your bottom line by incorporating our “step change” technology to your company’s suite of conventional wastewater treatment solutions and we look forward to working with you.

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