Fire & Safety

Why Choose Inovin

Combine with our diverse capabilities, we are constantly looking for new ways of providing responsible and forward-thinking solutions that surpass client expectations.

We understand the growing need for you to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs, while having the convenience of dealing with a single point of contact for all your essential and non-essential asset requirements.

Cutting Edge Technology

We have now taken our unique asset management approach and are applying it to the highly prescriptive Fire Services industry.

We use a leading-edge, interactive software management system called FireMate to remember all important building compliance tasks for you.

Once the programmed maintenance is set up in FireMate, our technician will arrive automatically, on-time, to perform fire safety maintenance and any other pre-determined checks, removing the need for you to monitor the testing in-house.

Capability Statement

For those responsible for workplaces, there are strict requirements for the maintenance of essential services such as fire safety equipment.

For any equipment to perform at maximum efficiency, particularly in an emergency, it must be meticulously serviced and tested at regular intervals to ensure it works if and when you might need it.

Our goal is to provide high-end service and ensure that the requirements of the Australian standards are met and maintained to a meticulous standard. As an accredited member of the Fire Protection Association Australia, our employees seek to provide professional advice and exceptional customer service at all times.

Our Services

From design and installation to maintenance, testing and certification, we deliverend-to-end solutions for a range of industries.


Identify Essential Fire Safety Measures and minimum standards of performance.


Inspect equipment and complete documentation to confirm that testing and maintenance is carried out according to relevant legislation.


Identify aspects of non-compliance which require rectification. Make recommendations to improve the life safety within the building.


Issue Essential Services Certification.

Essential Services

Automatic Fire and Alarm Systems

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Gas Suppression Systems

VESDA Systems

Occupant Warning Systems

Fire Hydrants, Fire Hose Reels & Fire Blankets

Fire Doors and Passive Solutions

Emergency Warning and Evacuation Systems

Pump Sets (Diesel and Electric)

Inspect Issue Essential Services Certification

Fixed & Portable Fire Extinguishers

Identify Annual Fire Safety Statements

Backflow and Hydrant Flow Testing Sprinkler Systems